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October 6, 2017
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Web Design Nashik – Multi Viewing Options

Web Design Nasik

Thanks to the latest changes to the main web scripting languages, HTML5 & CSS3, and the application of flexible grids, layouts, images and media queries, a revolutionary web design concept was born – Responsive Web Design Nashik.  Responsive Web Design – RWD – is effectively a one-size-fits-all design.  A single website with multiple viewing options.

Web Design Nashik – Multi Viewing Options

Instead of having different websites for mobile phones, tablets and PC screens, a single website designed using RWD principles is user-friendly across a wide range of viewing devices. That’s right!  A single RWD website can be viewed comfortably on a variety of different viewing platforms, including mobile smart phones, tablets, laptops & large PC screens.

Most Website Visitors Are Now Using Mobiles

It was announced in the Spring of 2015 that small mobile devices like tablets and smart phones are now being used in over 50% of website viewings.  This makes mobile users the largest and thus the most important target market for website owners.  And as this figure is growing fast, it is a target market that can’t be ignored any longer.

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

if you only have a single website designed for viewing on a traditional PC screen, then your website is unlikely to be mobile-friendly. When being viewed on a smart phone for example, it will initially be viewed as an extremely small version of your site with text too small to read.  To make the text readable, your mobile visitor has to resize it and then scroll right to read each line, and then scrolling left for the next line.  Apart from being very tedious, frustrating and discourteous, it is an extremely poor way to try to sell your products or promote your business and is something you really can’t afford to ignore. This lack of mobile-friendliness could result in mobile users bypassing your website completely.  As this is now the major chunk of site visitors, their lack of interest could prove very costly.

Dedicated Mobile Site v. RWD Site

Of course if you already have or are planning to have a dedicated website for mobile users, then you will be mobile friendly and will have solved the problem for mobile visitors. But in solving the problem for your mobile site visitors, you have created quite a major problem for yourself.  You now have 2 different websites to maintain and update, which can prove both time consuming and costly. But with Responsive Web Design you only have one website to maintain so you don’t waste time and effort trying to keep 2 websites in sync and updated. And there’s another bonus!   Most RWD sites will also display better in tablets and notebooks as well