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Best 20 SEO Tips 2017 For First Page Rank

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SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from Google web search engine for “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Once our money page is in the top 10 positions we will start getting a good amount of traffic. Now in 2017 we can rank any type of the website by following the 20 tips given by SEO Company in Nashik.

  1. Register your website with as many free directories on Google as possible. E.g. Try the 100 directories in the search results for the term: ‘directories’.
  2. Register your website with as many free social bookmark directories on Google as possible. E.g. Try the 100 directories in the search results for the term: ‘social bookmarks’.
  3. Then do a search for your industry and directories and repeat the above step. E.g. if your industry is ‘bespoke suits’, you would search for: tailor directories; fashion directories; wedding directories; suit hire directories; suit/suits directories etc.
  4. Ensure your site in the domain name contains the ‘www.’ sometimes website developers forget to add this. It’s surprising how many do.
  5. Index your website with Google and as many other search engines as you can find.
  6. Register with Google webmaster tools and other search engine webmaster tools for better indexing.
  7. Submit your sitemap to the search engines through the webmaster tools.
  8. Download any URL Ping apps from I-Tunes etc and have these submit your sites too.
  9. Try not to submit your website to more than 100 other web pages per month. If you have over this amount per month then Google may penalize you for having too many backlinks.
  10. Ensure that all the website that should know about your website do and try to get backlinks (i.e. your www. website mentioned on their site).
  11. Create a blog on your website. E.g. Wikipedia always does so well on Google as it’s full of text.
  12. Keep your blog updated daily with text. Google also loves new text on a website.
  13. Create a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media accounts as the bigger your brand is the higher it will rank.
  14. Think about words that customers would type to find your products and webpages and make these your keywords. Include these words on your site and write blogs around them and include them in the blog title. E.g. What is a bespoke suit? would be an excellent blog title for a bespoke suit as this term is often searched for on Google.
  15. Use text as much as you can, rather than images on your website as Google prefers and reads text not images.
  16. Use quality PR backlinks.  It’s much better to have high ranking PR backlinks rather than going for volume.
  17.  Do not put any duplicate content on your webpage (Google will penalize you for this).  E.g. This can be a problem for recruiters who all use the same job spec.  It’s much better to re-write the text and have original text.
  18. Ensure that your server is based in the Country you are targeting.  E.g.  If you are targeting the UK then you’ll want your server to be based in the UK.  You may also wish to opt for a .in or .com domain name or in Google’s webmaster tools set the Country which you are targeting there if it’s Country specific.
  19. If possible, use a keyword rich domain name.  E.g. if your keywords are: ‘Web design nashik’ and ‘Seo company in nashik’, then something like would be ideal as a domain name as it contains both the words ‘Seo company in nashik’ and ‘legal jobs’.  Please visit our sister site: for memorable and keyword rich domain names.
  20.  Ensure your website works well in all browsers (please note that browsers are updated regularly) e.g. Chrome; Firefox; I.E; Safari etc.  Ensure it works on each version.  E.g. some companies may still be using I.E. version 7.
Above all the best 20 SEO tips for 2017